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LARC delivers its services based on each individual’s needs and life wishes. Every attempt is made to break through the “one-size-fits-all” method of programming to offer individualized lifestyle and service selection. The foundation for this approach is based on the fundamental belief in the self-worth of every person.

As a person-centered agency, we strive to:

  • Have a clear mission and purpose, and live our mission

  • Listen to people

  • Ensure a culture of caring

  • Recognize and reward best practices

  • Train, support, and value direct support professionals

  • Focus and build on interests, gifts, and capacities

  • Provide education, experience, and exposure to facilitate informed choices and valued social roles

  • Open doors to community associations, groups, clubs, churches, recreational opportunities, businesses, and services

  • Coordinate services around the individual rather than around the needs of the staff or program

  • Focus on the relationship between environment and behavior

  • Consider the individual’s satisfaction with his or her activities, supports, and services as the most important quality assurance review

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