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LARC operates seven neighborhood group homes where residents are provided twenty-four-hour awake support. Staff provides training activities that assist the individual to acquire daily living skills such as personal hygiene, homemaking skills, and social and adaptive skills. Staff also assists residents to participate in community-based leisure/recreational activities.

Supported Employment

Provides training and assistance in finding and sustaining paid employment. The participant is assisted in finding the best job fit, including the type of work environment, activities, hours of work, level of pay, and supports needed. Consultation is also provided to the employer to enhance supports natural to the workplace. 

Personal Supports

Some participants receive the services of a paid roommate who provides companionship and personal care.  Personal supports services provide assistance and training to the recipient in activities of daily living, such as eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and preparation of meals.

Community Training

LARC works with Leon County Schools’ Exceptional Student Education program to provide vocational training so students can find and maintain competitive employment through their Community Based Work Experience program.  We also run a Trial Based Competency Training program.

Supported Living

Services provide training and assistance to live in and maintain a home or apartment of participants’ choosing. These services may include the acquisition of skills such as personal hygiene and grooming, household chores, meal preparation, shopping, personal finances, and social and adaptive skills.

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